Sustainable Story

Sustainable Story: How we take social responsibility and reduce our environmental footprint.

From the moment the label has started we had the goal of reducing the footprint we leave behind in our minds. The conviction we had from scratch is written here below; it is the starting point of all we do.

Be sustainable, buy sustainable. We are the future.

Environmental and social responsibility have a strong relationship. One cannot go without the other in our belief and it’s our goal to strive to a high level in both. This conviction is in our DNA, and we feel the importance running through our veins. In every department, in every little chain our total design and production has. We try to encourage and convince customers to make sustainable choices as we, but we also realize that to reach this we need a change in mindset. And that could be the hardest part.

To take social responsibility and sustainability to a higher level and implement it in our daily behavior we must realize that a product that is honest, lasts longer and contributes to a better world, is more expensive than a product that doesn’t. Simply because we must take much more effort to make it happen.

We believe that moving forward to a more circular economy requires integrating innovations to reduce the impact that our industry has on the world.

How do we contribute to practice?

We work and produce under the STEp Certificate, next to our GOTS an Oekotex certificates. Where GOTS and Oekotex are mostly about fabrics, STEp takes it further and is way more demanding on sustainability. It obliges us to be sustainable and responsible across the entire production chain. This means in every department in our company. Since we belief children are the future, we accepted this high level of requirements and adjusted our ways of working wherever we could.

To read more about the STEp certificate click here.


Purely production wise we recycle our fabrics, upcycle them to create new items. Next to organic fabrics, we use recycled materials in our fabric compositions. We dye our fabrics in the most natural way, we use as less water as possible. We buy small, we rather have to say no to stores then have lots of overstock. We take our responsibility wherever we can.